Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nightmares Chase my Sleep

Nightmares Chase my Sleep

Sleep succumbs after an hour.
She sweetly slumbers, hardly.
Four drugs later, including anti-sickness to counteract the new one and we go down to come up, or is that go up to come down?

I wake in a sticky sweat and I remember.
I am hugely anxious. Did I forget to add up the wrong column? Who else got paid wrongly?
Many questions- not my fault. I didn’t do the last invoicing. Yet, why I am affected?
The corridors are like a maze, they are ingrained in my brain.
Everyone can see me as if I am naked.
I feel their eyes in the back of my head.

I am really worried now.
Gall swills at the back of my throat and my pyjamas are sticky with the beaded sweat of adrenaline.
I feel as if I am about to give a performance and I am more charged than a power station.

My heart is a race-horse where there is nowhere to bolt.
I am feverishly tossing and turning.
I wonder if I am going mad.
In the past this would have been a breakdown.

I get up to go somewhere else, but the memories follow me, haunting my every step.

Isobel Knight ©

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